RUTHELLEN'S Dollhouse Miniatures



*****  Please Note ... I will be  shutting down this website  by Feb. 29th , 2020.****

Because of a software  change customers are no longer able to contact me, I am not able to email them. A site  that people cannot order from is a waste of money..  

I have a new site on Facebook.  Its a better way to show off all my miniatures.  

New site:     MiniDolls Galore and More by Ruthellens 

I also have more payments options.     MO, Cashiers Check,  Paypal...... 

It is already on the search engines,  a direct link to  Facebook.

Leave a message, comment on your favorite,  Email me, Like my page!!  Thanks! 

Thank you for your past patronage.  It has been a joy to create for your mini project.

Stay with me.....I'm not done yet!!
















Victorian Party Frock Doll and Gown created by Ruthellen